This guide is intended for ISD Directors and Monitors and explains how to complete the ISD Summary Justification Form activity in Catamaran. The Summary Justification Forms activity allows ISDs a thorough review of member districts’ alternate assessment participation rates as found in the alternate assessment data report and plans for when participation rates exceed 1%. This activity also provides an ISD a Member District Review Tool, which helps monitor all member district statuses and completion of the district justification form.

Before beginning the work in Catamaran, the following resources are available to assist in the process:


  1. Log into Catamaran.
  2. Locate the Summary Justification Form activity on the Tasks Overview. Select the ISD Summary Justification Form 2021-22 Activity.
Tasks Overview menu
Note: If this activity has been completed, it will not show on the Tasks Overview. In this case, access the ISD Summary Justification Form activity from the Search page instead. After logging into Catamaran, choose Search in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select Policy as the primary filter. Then, select Justification Form ISD 21-22 as the secondary filter. Choose Search to receive applicable results.

Review Data

In addition to the data available within the activity, MDE has also provided ISDs additional district data to assist ISDs in completing this activity. ISDs can review the alternate assessment data submitted by its member districts. To access this data,

  1. Select Reports from the dropdown menu underneath the ISD user’s name on the Dashboard.
  2. Next, select the 2021 Alternate Assessment Rate Report for ESSA 1% Participation Cap link available under the Policy header.
  1. Then, download the report, by selecting the 2021 Alternate Assessment Rate Report link located under the Alternate Assessment Rate Report header.
Alt Assess Rate Report Link
Note: Some ISDs may also have a 2021 Disproportionate Alternate Test Use data available in the same location. To access this data, select the link, 2021 Disproportionate Alternate Test Use. ISDs with any member district which reported disproportionality in test use will need to work with that district so they can use this data to complete the disproportionality page of the justification form.

Member District Review Tool

  1. ISD Directors and Monitors can review district justification forms as they are submitted. From the menu, open the Member District Review Tool.
summary justification form menu
  1. Monitor the status of member district submissions. ISD Directors and Monitors can use this tool to ensure all member district work is completed in a timely fashion.
  2. When member district data is ready for review, choose Review Submission. To view a submission that has already been accepted, choose View.
member district review tool
  1. To accept a member district submission, select Accept District Form. To return a member district submission for modifications, write comments in the box provided (required), and choose Return for Modifications.
Accept District Form button and Return for Modifications Button

Complete the ISD Summary Justification Form

  1. From the activity menu, select ISD Summary Justification Form.
summary justification form menu
  1. The ISD Summary Justification Form is made up of 3 pages. Complete each page.
Note: Navigate quickly between pages of the ISD Summary Justification Form by using the navigation bar on the left. Page number icons will fill in red when the page is complete.
summary justification form menu
  1. When the ISD Summary Justification Form is complete, submit to the MDE.
Note: The ISD Summary Justification Form may not be submitted to the MDE until all member district submissions have been accepted (see steps 6-9 above).