This series of training videos and supporting document are designed to provide districts and intermediate school districts (ISDs) with ways to improve data quality in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) for students with an individualized education program (IEP). The video content is for district personnel who input data into MSDS. However, it is helpful for special education personnel to be familiar with this information because special education personnel may be involved in reviewing and confirming the accuracy of the data prior to submission.

Video Topics and Links

Discipline Data Module This video focuses on discipline data for students receiving special education services and how to input it into MSDS. (Updated June 2022)

Annual IEP Reviews and Transfer Students This video focuses on reporting IEP annual reviews and transfer students previously identified for special education in MSDS. (Updated June 2023)

Count Submissions, Demographics, and Exiting Students  This video focuses on count submissions, demographics, and exiting students from special education in MSDS. (Updated June 2022)

Ways to Improve Special Education Data Quality in MSDS This is the companion reference document to the MSDS Data Quality video series.

Ways to Improve Part C to Part B Transition Data in MSDS This video focuses on the transition of students receiving Part C services to Part B services in MSDS. (Updated June 2022)