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Discipline Toolkit Information

The Discipline Toolkit is a framework for districts to use to develop a sustainable plan to reduce suspensions and expulsions. It was developed to assist districts identified as having a significant discrepancy in the percentage of students with an individualized education program (IEP) in one or more race or ethnic groups who were suspended or expelled for more than ten days over multiple years. However, any district can benefit from analyzing discipline data and using this process to improve practices and prevent the occurrence of significant discrepancies.



Promising Practices

The Office of Special Education (OSE) does not endorse the use of any specific discipline methodology or practice and recognizes those included on this page do not constitute an exhaustive list. The goal of the OSE is to emphasize there are multiple aspects of discipline to be explored and addressed to resolve issues of disproportionality in suspension and expulsion. Below are a few resources in areas commonly related to discipline.

Bullying Prevention Programs

Character Education

Classroom Management

Culturally Responsive Practices

Interventions for Disproportionality

Mental Health

Positive Behavior Support

Restorative Justice

Social Skills Training

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