This guide is intended for Catamaran Coordinators and explains how to complete a waiver application activity in Catamaran. This guide is also intended for Catamaran Coordinators at ISDs operating programs. The waiver application activity is used to create and submit applications to waive program rules under the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education (MARSE).

Access the Waiver Application

  1. Log into Catamaran.
  2. On the Dashboard, navigate to the Policy homepage by selecting See Open Activities on the Policy tile.
Dashboard shown with circle around See Open Activities link.
  1. Initiate the waivers activity by selecting the Create Waiver Application button on the Policy Tasks Overview.
Policy Tasks Overview shown with circle around Create Waiver Application.

Begin the Waiver Application

  1. Acknowledge the Waiver Application Message pop-up.
Waiver Application pop-up language.
  1. On the Waiver Application Menu, select the Waiver Application link to get started.
Waiver Application Menu with arrow towards Waiver Application link.

Complete the Waiver Application

  1. Select the application type.
  2. Select the appropriate rule for the waiver application.
  3. Choose Save/Next and all additional forms will automatically load.
Contact information, which type of waiver are highlighted. The Save/Next button is circled.
Note: In addition to the initial and renewal type applications, if Rule 340.1758(a) – Teacher Requirement, Rule 340.1754(2)(a) – ECSE Program, R 340.1755(2)(a) ECSE Service, or R 390.1105(3) is selected, a different application and set of forms will be required for a waiver from those rules. These forms will auto-load if any of these rules are selected.
  1. Choose the requested waiver duration period.
  2. Choose where the waiver application applies.
Requested waiver duration and where it applies to highlighted. Save/Next button circled.
  1. Answer all required fields and upload supporting documentation.
  2. Select Save/Next when all fields are filled out.
Questions 1-3 highlighted and circle around Save/Next button.
  1. On the Waiver Assurance Statements page, fill out the required fields. Utilize the comments box on all pages of the activity, if necessary.
Three questions with radio buttons highlighted, as well as the comments box at the bottom of the form.

Submit the Waiver Application

  1. When all forms are completed, submit the waiver application using the Submit to MDE button.
Waiver Assurance Statement page shown with circle around Submit to MDE button.
  1. When submitted, Catamaran Coordinators will see a pop-up notification.
Submission Successful pop-up statement.

Waiver Revisions Required

  1. If revisions are required, a notification will be sent to the district or ISD and the activity will appear on the Tasks Overview.
Tasks Overview shown with circle around Waiver Request Returned for Revisions status.
  1. Re-access the waiver by selecting the Waiver Application link on the Waiver Application menu.
Waiver Application Menu with arrow towards Waiver Application link.
  1. After all necessary revisions are made, select the Resubmit to MDE button on the Waiver Assurance Statements page.
Waiver Assurance Statements form with circle around Resubmit to MDE button.

Waiver Decision

When a decision about the waiver has been made by MDE, the submitting district or ISD will receive a notification from Catamaran via email.

  1. To access the waiver decision in Catamaran, locate the Waiver Application by utilizing the Search function. From any page, select the Search link (A) in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Using the search function, select Policy (B). Filter the search results by selecting Waivers (C). Next, search for the specific Waiver (D) and select the Waiver Decision Submitted status checkbox (E). Select the Search (F) button to display results.
How to use the Search page to find a specific waiver.
  1. Select the Waiver Application 24-XXXX link.
Search results from search function. Waiver Application 24-XXXX is circled.
  1. On the Waiver Application Menu, select the Waiver Decision Letter Page.
Waiver Application Menu with arrow towards Waiver Decision Letter Page.
  1. On the Waiver Decision Letter Page, choose the Select here to download link under the Decision Letter subheading to read the final decision by MDE.
Waivers Decision Letter Page shown with arrow towards download link.

Need Additional Assistance?

For assistance in understanding how to navigate Catamaran, please contact the Catamaran Help Desk at 877-474-9023 or