This resource is intended to outline the steps to complete the General Supervision System Grant (GSSG) Final Report activity in Catamaran.

The GSSG Final report is due to MDE by June 1, 2023.

Note: The GSSG Final Report will only appear on the ISD Director’s Tasks Overview. It is the responsibility of the ISD Director to submit the final report to MDE. ISD personnel in either the ISD Monitor or ISD Business Official role in Catamaran will only be allowed to edit forms at the discretion of the ISD Director.

Access the Activity

  1. Log in to Catamaran.
  2. Access the GSSG Final Report in two ways:
  • On the Dashboard, scroll down to the Tasks Overview section. Use the filters, as needed, to narrow tasks, and select the link in the Activity column to open the activity.
  • On the Dashboard, choose the Search link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Using the search function, select Monitoring. Filter the search results by selecting General Supervision to access the 2022-23 GSSG Activity.
Tasks Overview with 2022-23 GSSG Activity circled.

Review Resources

Before completing the GSSG Final Report, the ISD may wish to review its submitted application and budget detail. The ISD may also review additional materials in the Resources box.

The 2022-23 GSSG Activity includes the submitted application on the menu.

General Supervision System Grant Menu with arrows pointing to the Application Download and Resources box.

Additionally, the ISD may also visit NexSys to access other GSSG related materials, such as the budget detail.

Complete GSSG Final Report

  1. On the General Supervision System Grant Menu, select the GSSG Final Report Form link under the Final Report heading.
General Supervision System Grant Menu with arrow pointing to the Final Report Form.
  1. Complete the 2022-23 GSSG Final Report Form and choose Save or Save/Next to progress to the next section of the form.
Note: To navigate back and forth between sections, use the navigation menu on the left.
Getting Started page showing the left navigation menu.
  1. Complete each section of the final report. Each report is organized into separate sections with questions related to the following:
  • Getting Started
  • General Supervision Activities and Timelines
  • Priority Area
  • Fiscal
  1. It is recommended to review all sections of the report prior to submitting to MDE. To do so, download a full summary of the final report by either,
  • Selecting the Download Full Final Report Summary button within the form or
Priority Area page with the Download Full Final Report Summary button circled.
  • Selecting the 2022-23 GSSG Final Report (Download) link from the menu.
General Supervision System Grant Menu with arrow pointing to the Final Report Download link.

Submit the GSSG Final Report

  1. Verify that each section of the final report has been completed.
  2. Submit the GSSG Final Report to MDE for review by selecting the Submit to MDE button at the top of the Fiscal page.
Top of the Fiscal page with a circle around the Submit to MDE button.

Note: If the ISD receives a page error while submitting the final report, this means that one or more questions was not completed. Follow the instructions in the page error to complete the question(s) as needed.

The GSSG Final Report is now complete and submitted! MDE will review all final reports for evidence of progress and accept the reports. If any concerns are identified, MDE will return the final report to the ISD. ISDs should check the MDE comment box on the Getting Started page of the final report for additional information. Once MDE accepts the final report, the status Final Report Accepted by MDE will be displayed in the status history. Catamaran will then advance the GSSG Activity to GSSG Activity Completed.

If MDE returns the GSSG Final Report, update the form, and then resubmit (following steps 7 and 8). The status will change to Final Report Resubmitted to MDE.

Still Need Help?

  • For content or data related questions, email Jeanne Anderson Tippett at or Jessica Brady at
  • For fiscal related questions, email Chris Kelley at
  • For questions about system navigation or accessing this activity, contact the Catamaran Help Desk. The Catamaran Help Desk is available Monday–Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Contact the Catamaran Help Desk by email (, by phone (877-474-9023), or by using the Chat feature within Catamaran.
  • For additional GSSG informational resources, go to the Office of Special Education (OSE) Resources page on the Catamaran Technical Assistance Website.