This guide is intended for ISD business officials (ISDBOs) and explains how to complete the Proportionate Share Recoding activity in Catamaran. Please note that the MDE Finance team will initiate the activity for requesting ISDs after an initial assessment of whether the activity is needed. If you need a recoding review, please contact John Andrejack, OSE Financial Manager, at no later than May of the carryover period to initiate the process.

Additional resources related to this activity are available as follows:

Accessing the Activity

  1. Log into Catamaran.
  2. Locate the Proportionate Share Recoding activity on the Tasks Overview and select the Activity link.
Note: If this activity has been submitted or completed, it will not show in the Tasks Overview. Instead, access the activity using the Search feature, located in the upper right-hand corner. Select Finance as the primary filter, then Proportionate Share Recoding in the secondary filter.

Completing the Proportionate Share Recoding Activity

The ISDBO must upload appropriate documents per instructions provided by the MDE Finance team once notified that the activity has been created. Member districts will not have access to the activity as this activity occurs at the ISD level only.

Reviewing Instructions and Uploading Supporting Documentation

ISDBOs may be requested to upload documents to four sections with individual instructions provided by an MDE Finance team member: General, Child Find, Consultation, and Fiscal. MDE may return the activity to the ISD for modifications multiple times until all required documentation is received.

3. From the activity menu, open the Supporting Documentation Form.

4. Review each of the four sections for new or updated instructions. MDE will use dates, with the most recent date at the top of each instruction section, to indicate a new upload request. The ISDBO will use the upload section below each instruction box to title the upload, provide comments to MDE on what the upload contains, and to browse and upload the appropriate file.

5. ISDBOs may use their comments box in the General Comments Section at the bottom of the Supporting Documentation Form to request clarification or record general comments necessary for MDE’s review of the documentation provided. MDE may also use their comments box in the same section to communicate with ISDBOs.

Submit/Resubmit Supporting Documentation

6. Submit or Resubmit the Supporting Documentation Form when you have uploaded all requested documentation and added comments, as needed, by selecting Submit to MDE or Resubmit to MDE.

7. The MDE Finance team, once all required documentation is received, will review the activity for approval, and the activity will no longer be returned to the ISD. During this initial launch of the recoding activity in Catamaran, notification of approval or denial will occur outside of the system via direct contact from a member of the MDE Finance team. MDE will upload documents to the Supporting Documentation Form providing more detail on the approval or denial in the MDE Only Section once the ISD has been notified outside of Catamaran of activity status.

Need Assistance?

For additional assistance, please contact the Catamaran Help Desk at 877-474-9023 or