This guide is intended for Catamaran Coordinators and explains how to complete the Deviation Request activity in Catamaran. This guide is also intended for ISD Directors operating programs. The deviation request activity is used for requesting approval to deviate from a MARSE rule in the best interest of a student.


  1. Log in to Catamaran.
  2. On the Dashboard, click on the Policy tile and then locate the Create Deviation Request button on the Policy homepage to create the activity.
Dashboard with policy link
Create deviation request link
Note: Once the activity has begun, it will show in the Policy Tasks Overview. The activity can always be accessed using the Search page as well. After logging into Catamaran, click Search in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select Policy as the primary filter. Then, select Deviations as the secondary filter. Click Search to receive applicable results.

Complete the Deviation Request

  1. From the activity menu, click on the Deviation Request link. This will take you to the first page of the deviation request form.
Deviation request link
  1. First, select the rule for which the deviation request is for and complete all required questions on the District Information page. Click Save/Next to load the additional pages.
Rule selection and save/next link
  1. The Deviation Request is made up of 3 total pages (only 2 pages are required if requesting a deviation from R.340.1721b: Timelines). Complete each page and all required questions.
Note: Navigate quickly between pages of the Deviation Request by using the navigation bar on the left. Page number icons will fill in red when the page is complete.
Navigation request menu sidebar
  1. A teacher statement is required as part of the deviation request. Click the Teacher Statement Form button on the Deviation Information page to download the form and send to the appropriate person(s) for completion.
Teacher Statement Form link
  1. Once completed, upload the teacher statement on the Deviation Information page.
Upload Teacher Statement field form link
  1. When all pages are complete, submit the deviation request using the Submit button.
Submit request link
  1. The ISD will receive the deviation request for review. If any revisions are needed, the deviation request will be returned to the district and show up on the Tasks Overview. If no revisions are needed, the ISD will complete an ISD Statement and submit the request to the MDE.
Tasks Overview menu
Note: For district deviation requests, the ISD is required to review and provide an ISD Statement. For ISDs submitting for an ISD program, the ISD Statement is not required prior to submitting to the MDE.
  1. The MDE will make a decision within 30 days. The MDE may return the request to the district or ISD during the review process if more information is needed to make a decision. In this case, a notification will be sent, and the deviation request will appear on the Tasks Overview (referenced in the previous screenshot).