This guide is intended for ISD Directors and explains how to review a Deviation Request and complete the ISD Statement as part of the Deviation Request Activity in Catamaran. The Deviation Request Activity allows ISDs to review the district deviation request and complete the ISD Statement within 7 days of receipt.


  1. Log in to Catamaran.
  2. Locate the Deviation Request activity on the Tasks Overview. Click on the Deviation Request. Utilize the Deviations filter to find the activity more easily.
Tasks Overview menu
Note: If this activity has been completed, it will not show in the Tasks Overview. In this case, access the Deviations activity from the Search page instead. After logging into Catamaran, click Search in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Select Policy as the primary filter. Then, select Deviations as the secondary filter. Click Search to receive applicable results.

Review the Deviation Request

  1. From the activity menu, click Deviation Request.
Deviation Request menu
  1. Review for completeness and accuracy and provide comments at the bottom of each page, as necessary.
ISD Comments field
  1. When the ISD review is complete, click Complete ISD Statement. If the deviation request needs to be returned for any reason, click Return to District.
Return to District and Complete ISD Statement link

Complete the ISD Statement

  1. Complete the ISD Statement form and all required questions. When finished, click Submit to MDE.
Submit to MDE or Download District Request links
Note: View the entire deviation request using the Download District Request button.
  1. When a decision is made, the requesting district and ISD will be notified and a decision letter will appear under the Review section of the Deviation Request Menu.
Deviation Request Approval Letter link