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What's Inside


  • Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
    • B-11
    • B-12
  • Focused monitoring (FM) CAPs
    • B-10
    • B-4AB
    • B-4B
    • GSM
    • SD-Discipline
    • SD-Identification B-9
    • SD-Identification B-10
    • SD-Identification B-9 B-10
  • B-Complaint CAPs
  • B-Complaint Student-level Corrective Action Plans (SLCAPs)


  • Strand Report
  • Monitoring Activities Report (MAR)
  • Report of Findings/No-Findings
  • Closeout/Non-closeout Reports
  • Letters of Findings
  • State Complaint Reports
  • District Alerts
  • ISD Reports

Important Dates

  • January 15, 2018
    Part B January launch
  • February 15, 2018
    Reports must be acknowledged

What’s New?

  • A feedback feature allows Catamaran users to offer feedback about the system at any time (instead of the Workbook Feedback Form in CIMS). Access the feedback feature by clicking on the red notebook icon on the left side of your screen. Users may enter their contact information and their feedback message. Users may also choose whether they would like to be contacted about their feedback.
  • The Catamaran Help Desk will now be available by chat during business hours! Click on the Chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen and enter your basic information to begin a chat. The issue will still be logged in the Catamaran Help Desk database (just like a phone call or e-mail).
  • We’ve created an easier way to add a row or section! To add a new row or section, click the red plus button located to the left of the original row. This action will also save the page.

For detailed screenshots of these new features attend the January Catamaran Preview webinar on Tuesday, January 11 at 10:30 am or catch a recording of the webinar on the Catamaran Training Website at a later time.

Training Opportunities

  • Access the latest training resources on the new Catamaran Training Website. Topical information about new activities in Catamaran have been posted or updated.
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