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This how-to is intended for districts and ISDs and will explain how to access and view due process complaints through Catamaran.

Access Due Process Complaint

Note: Due process complaints will continue to be managed by the Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules (MOAHR). MOAHR will correspond directly with parties involved in a due process complaint. Districts and intermediate school districts (ISDs) can use Catamaran to view documents related to a due process complaint and in the case of parent filed complaints, submit required resolution session information to MDE. The district’s Catamaran Coordinator and ISD will receive a notification via email if a due process complaint has been filed against the district.

  1. Log into Catamaran.
  2. From the Catamaran home page, select the Policy tile to view the Policy Tasks Overview. The Policy tab at the top of the screen can also be selected.
Note: If the due process complaint can’t be seen, use the Submitted/Tasks filter or Type filter to narrow the results.
Policy Tasks Overview shown with Complaint activity circled.
  1. Select the Complaint-DP link in the activity column (e.g. DP-Complaint-24-XXXX) to access the complaint.
Note: Users can also access due process complaints using the Search menu. Select Search at the top of the screen. Then, using the Selection dropdown, select Policy. ISD users accessing a due process complaint filed against a member district must access the complaint in this way.
Search function shown with Policy section and Due Process Complaint activity highlighted.

View Due Process Complaint Information

  1. Once the activity menu has been accessed, select the Complaint Information to Resident District link.
Due Process Complaint Menu shown with Complaint Information to Resident District link highlighted.
  1. On this page, the Due Process Complaint File can be downloaded. The letters from MDE and case updates from MOAHR can also be viewed.
Due Process Complaint Information to District activity shown with links to the original complaint and Introduction Letter.
Note: Districts and ISDs will receive an email notification when there are new documents available for review. There may be a delay between the time parties receive a document directly from MOAHR and when it becomes available in Catamaran.
Note: Use the Resources box on the activity menu for more information about due process complaints, including resources mentioned in the Introduction Letter.

Submit Resolution Session Summary Form

Note: When a respondent in a due process complaint is filed by a parent, Districts/ISDs must submit a Resolution Session Summary form to MDE. (This form is not required if the due process complaint is filed by a district or an ISD.)
  1. Access the Resolution Session Summary form from the activity menu.
  2. Complete the Resolution Session Summary form and select the Submit to MDE button.
Resolution Session Summary Form activity shown with Submit to MDE button circled.

What Happens Next?

  1. MOAHR will continue to coordinate with parties until the due process complaint is resolved.
  2. When corrective action is required, MDE will contact the district/ISD directly. Please access the How to Complete a Due Process Complaint Corrective Action Plan resource for more information.
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