Closing out a corrective action plan (CAP) is a three-step process:

  1. The district completes all CAP activities and requests CAP closeout in Catamaran.
  2. The ISD confirms that the tasks and activities have occurred, reviews new data to verify correction, and submits the CAP Verification Activity to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).
  3. The MDE reviews the completed activities, new data, and CAP Verification Activity.

Use the checklist below to determine if your district is ready to request CAP closeout. You must answer “yes” to all three questions in order to request CAP closeout in Catamaran.

CAP Closeout Checklist

  • Have all the required corrective actions outlined in the CAP been completed?
  • Have you reviewed your data to determine whether the noncompliance has been corrected?
  • Are you prepared to share documentation with your ISD that your tasks and activities have been completed?

Ready to Request CAP Closeout?

  1. Access your CAP Menu Page.
  2. Click Request for Verification & Closeout Form
  3. Fill in the Local Evidence of Correction, and click Request Verification (this will submit your CAP to the ISD for verification).

Verification and Closeout Next Steps

Once a district completes the CAP activities and has corrected all noncompliance, the verification of correction process begins. There are two prongs of verification of correction mandated by the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and the Michigan Department of Education (MDE):

  • Prong 1: The district has corrected each individual case of noncompliance; and
  • Prong 2: The district is correctly implementing the specific regulatory requirements (i.e., has achieved 100% compliance), based on the State’s review of new data.

Depending upon the activity and indicator, verification activities are completed by MDE staff, ISD, or technical assistance (TA) providers and may include:

  • A review of updated policies, procedures, or practices
  • A review of student records
  • A review of the results of student/child record reviews, or evidence that training or technical assistance was obtained
  • A review of new data submitted through the State data systems
  • Interviews of district staff

District staff may be asked to assist in this process, but they have no additional work to complete in Catamaran.

Based on this review, the MDE will establish that the district is correctly implementing the specific statutory or regulatory requirements and that the identified noncompliance has been corrected. Once evidence of correction can be verified, the MDE will notify the district, close the CAP, and issue a closeout report or letter in the next Catamaran release.