This resource is intended to outline the Monitoring Review activity for districts. Monitoring Reviews may be on-site or virtual. Monitoring Reviews may result in a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) or Student Level Corrective Action Plan (SLCAP).

For more information about how to prepare for a review activity, please access the How to Prepare for a Monitoring Review for Districts webinar on the District Monitoring Resources page.

Access the Activity

  1. Log in to Catamaran.
  2. Access the activity in two ways:
  • On the Dashboard, scroll down to the Tasks Overview section. Use the filters, as needed, to narrow tasks, and select the link in the Activity column to open the Monitoring Review Activity.
Tasks Overview shown with Monitoring Activity circled.
  • On the Dashboard, select the Search link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Using the search function, choose Monitoring. Filter the search results by selecting Monitoring Visits. Next, search for the specific Monitoring Review.

View Monitoring Documents

Select the Monitoring Documents link in the Resource box to view the Notification Letter from the Office of Special Education (OSE) and the Student List.

Monitoring Review Menu shown with arrow pointing towards the Monitoring Documents link.

Upload Procedures

What is a procedure?

  • Written document that may provide the who, what, and when of an activity.
  • For identification, the procedure may be a narrative document that describes what happens when a request for special education evaluation is received. It may be a flow chart that provides timelines for what-if situations.
  • For discipline, it may be a description of the steps used when determining a change of placement. It may be a step-by-step list of whom to contact when a student with an IEP is being suspended.
  1. From the Monitoring Review Menu, choose the District Upload link to access the page.
  2. On the District Upload page, upload the written related district procedures as requested by the OSE using the Browse button.
Note: Districts may upload more than one document by choosing the red plus sign to add another Browse button.
  1. If the district does not have written procedures, then select the Not Available box at the bottom of the page to certify written procedures are unavailable.
Note: If the district does not have written procedures, then the Monitoring Lead may contact the district to request the district complete a questionnaire about the district’s policies, practices, and procedures.
  1. Choose Save or Save/Next to confirm and save the upload.
Monitoring Review District Upload page shown with emphasis on the Browse button, Not Available option, and Save or Save/Next buttons.

Verify Current Students

Districts will receive a list of no more than 20 students to verify.

  1. From the Monitoring Menu, select the District Student Selection link to access the page.
  2. Review the student list and verify which students are currently enrolled in the district by checking the box next to the student’s name.
  3. Choose Save to save the page or Verified Students to submit the verified student list.

The Monitoring Lead will review this verified student list and select up to eight students for additional review.

Monitoring Review District Student Selection page is shown with arrow towards verified students and Save/Next and Verified Students buttons circled.

Student Documentation

  • Districts will be responsible for preparing (for on-site visits) and/or uploading (for virtual visits) requested documentation as needed for up to eight students.
  • Documents may include:
    • Discipline data for student
    • Attendance report
    • Pattern of removals
    • IEP
    • Notice of an offer of a FAPE
    • Manifestation Determination Reviews (MDRs)
    • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)
    • Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), if applicable
    • Documentation that Procedural Safeguards were provided to parent
    • FAPE services log
    • Review of Existing Evaluation Data (REED)
    • Evaluation Reports
    • Initial evaluation documents including:
    • Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) report
    • Other documents as requested

Virtual Monitoring Review: Upload Documents

After review of the verified students, the Monitoring Lead will select up to eight student records from the confirmed student list. The district will receive a notification from Catamaran when this has been completed and will see the activity on the Tasks Overview.

  1. Access the activity from the Tasks Overview and select the Monitoring Review link in the Activity The activity will be at the District Student Info Required status.
  2. Select the Student Documentation link on the menu to open the page and upload the requested documentation for each student that has been selected.
  3. Use the Browse button next to each item and upload the requested documentation.
  4. Use the drop-down menu to toggle between available students. Complete the Student Documentation page for each student.
If the requested document is not available, then select the appropriate check box and provide an explanation in the space provided.
To ensure that multiple documents upload correctly, Save the page intermittently while uploading documents. For example, browse and upload all files for Question 1 and choose Save. Then, continue to browse and upload all files for Question 2 and choose Save.
Monitoring Review Student Documentation page shown.

On-site Monitoring Review: Prepare Documents

After review of the verified students, the Monitoring Lead will select up to eight student records from the confirmed student list to review at the on-site Monitoring Review and communicate with the district which students have been selected for this additional review. Please make these records available on the day of the on-site Monitoring Review.

Note: To see the list of selected students, select the Lead Student Selection page from the Monitoring Review Menu. See the Access the Activity section of this how-to for how to find the activity when it is not on the district’s Tasks Overview.
Monitoring Review Menu shown with arrow towards Lead Student Selection link.

What's Next?

Engage in Interviews and/or On-site Monitoring Reviews

  • The Monitoring Lead will schedule interviews with participating districts as appropriate and summarize the interviews in Catamaran.
  • If participating in an on-site Monitoring Review, then the Monitoring Lead will organize the details of the on-site Monitoring Review with the district.
  • The Monitoring Team will review each student’s record and accompanying documentation either virtually or in person during the on-site Monitoring Review.
  • A Preliminary Summary will be issued to the Superintendent and Special Education Administrator at the end of the Monitoring Review. This Preliminary Summary will also be available in Catamaran in the activity.

Correct Non-compliance

If non-compliance is found, then finding(s) will be issued in the next major Catamaran release (September, January and May are major Catamaran releases).

If any student level non-compliance is found, then SLCAPs will be issued at the end of the virtual or on-site Monitoring Review.

For more information about Monitoring Review Corrective Action Plans, access the How to Complete the Monitoring Review Corrective Action Plan Process (CAP) for Districts resource on the Catamaran Technical Assistance Website.

Note: The Corrective Action process for Monitoring Reviews will be the same as the Focused Monitoring Corrective Action process.

For more information about Monitoring Review Corrective Action Plans, access the How to Complete the Monitoring Review Corrective Action Plan Process (CAP) for Districts resource on the Catamaran Training Website.

Need Assistance?

For assistance understanding how to navigate Catamaran, contact the Catamaran Help Desk at 877-474-9023 or