This resource is intended to outline the Procedure Review activity for ISDs, a new activity as of September 2018.

When the activity opens in Catamaran, no Catamaran activity is required on the part of the ISD. The member district is prompted to upload their relevant procedures. Once the activity is open, uploading information for the district is available and ISD engagement with the district to complete their requirements is encouraged.

Once the district has uploaded their materials, they change the status to submit the activity to the ISD.

Access the Procedure Review Activity

  1. Log in to Catamaran
  2. Access the Procedure Review activity from the Tasks Overview, apply additional filters as needed (such as release).
  3. Click on the Activity link
Dashboard showing the Tasks Overview

ISD Review of Procedures

Review District Uploads

Participating districts are required to upload written procedures in this activity. ISDs will review the uploaded documents for compliance with IDEA.

  1. From the Procedure Review Menu, click on the District Upload page to access uploaded procedures.
  2. From the District Upload page, you may download each document by clicking on the document name link.
Procedure Review District Upload page.

Complete Procedure Review Form

  1. Once you have read the procedures, access the Procedure Review from the Procedure Review Menu.
  2. Review the procedures and click the appropriate buttons under the Yes or No columns and complete text fields as necessary. If applicable, indicate a page number and section in the Comments box for any No
  3. Click Save & Issue on the Procedure Review The Procedure Review form must be complete to proceed.
Note: A No answer for Meets Legal Requirements will populate the Findings Table on the Final Report Worksheet. If the district does not upload written procedures or indicate no procedures are available, the OSE will contact the district to instruct the district to complete a questionnaire about the district’s policies, procedures, and practices.
Procedure Review form

Complete Interviews as Needed

ISDs are not required to complete interviews with districts participating in a Procedure Review but may do so at the ISD’s discretion. The OSE will take any additional ISD interview notes into consideration upon their review.

  1. From the Procedure Review Menu, click on the Interview Summary
  2. On the Interview Summary page,
  • Summarize the interview
  • Indicate district strengths
  • Indicate any areas of concern
Note: The district will not be able to see your notes on this page.
  1. Click Complete when the Interview Summary is complete. The OSE will receive a notification when you have done so.
Procedure Review Interview Summary page.

Complete the Preliminary Summary

  1. From the Procedure Review Menu, select Preliminary Summary
  2. The district and ISD codes will be pre-populated on the form.
  3. Record the date of summary and review date(s).
  4. Enter the name and title of all members of the Procedure Review team. You may add another row by clicking the red plus sign button.
  5. Add any additional comments in the space provided.
  6. Click Save & Issue to:
  • Make this form available to district
  • Make Final Report Worksheet available to complete next.
Procedure Review Preliminary Summary

Complete the Final Report Worksheet

The last step in the Procedure Review process is for a Lead is to complete the Final Report Worksheet.

  1. Select Final Report Worksheet from the Procedure Review Menu. The district and ISD codes and date of report will be pre-populated.
  2. Record the Review Date
  3. Enter 0 for the number of records the team reviewed and how many staff members, if any, the team interviewed.
  4. In the box labeled Team Leader Recommendation, select a button to indicate whether the district should receive a finding.
  • If the Procedure Review yielded no findings of noncompliance, click Save & Submit. The worksheet is now completed.
  • If the Monitoring Review yielded findings of noncompliance, finalize the Findings Table. This table will prepopulate.
      • Click Display to display each row in the Final Report.
      • When you are done, click Save & Submit.
Results of Procedure Review on the Final Report Worksheet.
Note: Save & Submit will submit this Monitoring Review activity, along with your recommendations, to the OSE for their review.
Procedure Review Final Report Worksheet

What Happens Next?

MDE will review the Final Report. If non-compliance is found, the finding(s) will be issued in the next major Catamaran release. The Corrective Action process for Procedure Reviews will be the same as the Focused Monitoring Corrective Action process.

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance understanding how to navigate Catamaran, please contact the Catamaran Help Desk at 877-474-9023 or