Verify Correction of Corrective Action Plans

This how-to is intended for ISDs will explain how to verify correction of corrective action plans (CAPs) for B-13 (Secondary Transition).

Note: Districts needing assistance to view, complete, or request CAP closeout should reference the document How to Complete a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) available on the Catamaran Training Website.

Prepare to Complete the Verification Activity

When: Catamaran will notify ISDs when it is time to verify evidence of correction. The system will email you when the district has requested CAP closeout and changed the status to, “Verification and Closeout Request Submitted.” At that time, the verification activity will also appear on the ISD task list.

Schedule Visit: Prior to completing the verification activity in Catamaran, ISDs must schedule time to visit the district (verification must occur on site).

Pull Student Records: Prior to visiting the district, ask the district to pull all necessary student records/IEPs.

Access the Verification Activity

  1. Log in to Catamaran.
  2. On your Tasks Overview, you will see any B-13 CAPs that have been submitted to you for verification. CAPs ready to be verified will be at the status, “Verification & Closeout Request Submitted.”
  3. Click on the B-13 CAP link in the Activity column.
Tasks Overview
  1. From the CAP Menu page, select the CAP Verification link

Verify CAP Activities

  1. Review the CAP activities as laid out in the district’s CAP and the information included in the Request for Verification and Closeout page.
  2. Verify that all CAP activities have been completed. Document evidence used to confirm that each CAP activities was completed on the CAP Verification Activity page.

Verify Student Records

  1. Physically pull up to 8 student records from the district. These student records are not prepopulated in Catamaran.
  2. Verify that the student demographic information was reported correctly.
  3. To add a student record, click the Add link in the top, right hand corner of the page.
  4. Enter the student’s information and click Repeat this until you have added all 8 student records.

Note: If the district is small (and there are not 8 student records to review), then pull as many records as are available.

To review each student record:

Note: To navigate between multiple student records, select the student’s name from the Student Records drop-down menu on the right, and then select Go.

  1. Enter the Review Date.
  2. Enter the Date of IEP.
  3. The only questions that will appear for review are those which were previously marked noncompliant during the data collection. As you verify each item, click “Yes”, “No”, or “N/A” where appropriate.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To review another record, select another student name from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Click Go.

Note: If a student record is noncompliant, work with the district to correct the problem, and then verify correction again. Do not submit the verification activity until all records are compliant.

Submit the Verification Activity

  1. From the Verification Activity page, click the Submit Verification button in the right-hand corner when you have completed the verification activity. This will submit the B-13 CAP to MDE for review and closeout.

Upload Supporting Documentation

Note: Once the MDE reviews your CAP Verification, they will return it to the ISD with a request for supporting documentation associated with one or more student records. The details of the documentation request will appear on the Cover Page, along with other questions MDE may have about the CAP Verification.
  1. When the MDE returns the CAP to the ISD, the ISD will be notified via email and the task will reappear on their Task List. The status will be, Closeout Request Returned to ISD. Visit the Cover Page for details of the MDE’s request.
  2. Make any requested changes and upload any requested documentation on the appropriate student record page. The ISD may be required to review and verify student records again.
18. Make any requested changes and upload any requested documentation on the appropriate student record page. The ISD may be required to review and verify student records again.
  1. Re-submit the CAP to MDE. The status will then be, Closeout Request Resubmitted to MDE. The MDE will perform a final review and close the CAP.
  2. The MDE may return the CAP to the ISD again with additional questions, if necessary. If the MDE is satisfied with the CAP Verification, they will close the CAP. The status will then be, Verified and Closed by MDE.