This training resource is intended for ISDs and will explain how to verify correction of Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) associated with a state complaint. A complaint CAP is the result of a state complaint in which noncompliance has been identified.

Prepare to Complete the Verification Activity

Catamaran will notify ISDs when it is time to verify evidence of correction. The system will email you when the district has requested CAP closeout and changed the status to Verification and Closeout Request Submitted. At that time, the verification activity will also appear on the ISD task list.

Access the CAP

  1. Log in to Catamaran
  2. On your Tasks Overview, you will see any CAPs that have been submitted to you for verification. CAPs ready to be verified will be at the status Verification & Closeout Request Submitted to ISD.
  3. Click on the B-Complaint CAP link in the Activity column.

Tasks Overview Complaint CAP submitted for verification

Complete the Verification Appendix

  1. From the CAP Menu page, select the Verification Appendix link
  2. Enter the date of the verification visit
  3. Review new student records to confirm the district has correctly implemented all areas of noncompliance. Enter the student information per reviewed student records in Appendix 1.

Complaint CAP Verification appendix

Navigation Note: To add a row, click on the red plus sign
  1. If no student records are available, conduct staff interviews to ensure an understanding of compliant practice. Enter the staff member information per staff interviews in Appendix 2.
  2. If there is any unrelated noncompliance (such as a reviewed student record that was found to be noncompliant during the verification process), enter the student information required in Appendix 3.
  3. After completing the necessary appendices, click Save
Note: ISDs should notify MDE if there is any unrelated noncompliance that will remain open even after the CAP has closed.

Complete the Closeout Verification Worksheet

  1. From the CAP Menu page, select the CAP Closeout Verification Worksheet link
  2. Select if the CAP will closeout or not using the dropdown menu provided
  3. Enter the date on which you are completing the report
  4. Enter your name on the Responsible Party at ISD line

Complaint CAP Closeout Verification Worksheet

  1. Document the correction of noncompliance for each finding listed in the text box provided.
  2. Select the appropriate paragraph to be displayed (corrected or uncorrected).
  3. Click Save and Submit to submit the closeout request to MDE for review.

What if the MDE Returns the Verification Activity to the ISD?

If the MDE has questions about the verification activity, they may return the CAP to the ISD and ISDs will be notified via email. The activity will show on your task overview and the status will be Closeout Request Returned to the ISD.

Notes from the MDE will be documented on the CAP Cover Page. Review their comments, and address any concerns. The ISD will then need to review and verify student records again to re-submit the CAP to MDE. The status will then be Closeout Request Resubmitted to MDE.

Note: If there are Complaint SLCAPs with the same case number as this Complaint CAP, the ISD should contact the MDE for further instructions (Marcia O’Brien, State Complaint Coordinator, can be contacted at