This document is intended for districts who did not receive a Strand Report in Catamaran.

What is a Strand Report?

The Strand Report shows how districts perform in comparison to state targets for State Performance Plan (SPP) indicators. For more information about what data and calculations were used to calculate a district’s performance, please refer to the Understanding the Part B Strand Report resource on the Catamaran Technical Assistance Website.

Why Didn’t My District Receive a Strand Report?

If the district received a message in Catamaran that a Strand Report was not available, one of the following explanations likely applies:

  1. The district is too new to have had a full year of data collected and reported. Although the district may have been operating for more than one year, data may not have been reported in Catamaran. For example, if the district was added to Catamaran in September, there may be data reported on certain indicators in Catamaran by either the January or May Release. These districts are encouraged to check back at that time to see if updated information is available.
  2. For some indicators, the district has fewer than ten students with IEPs to report upon. According to Michigan Department of Education privacy guidelines, data reports on indicators B-6, B-8, and B-14 which reflect fewer than ten individuals must be masked (hidden) to protect the privacy of small groups. If the district has data in other indicators, it will not be hidden.
  3. The district has not served special education students directly in the last year, which means that there is no special education data to report for the district at this time.

Need Assistance?

For assistance understanding how to navigate Catamaran, contact the Catamaran Help Desk by email (, by phone (877-474-9023), or by using the Chat feature within Catamaran. The Catamaran Help Desk is staffed Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.