This how-to document intended for ISDs will explain how to access Student Level Corrective Action Plans (SLCAPs) and to verify correction of each individual case of noncompliance (Prong 1).

Districts needing assistance to view, complete, or submit SLCAPs should reference the document How to Complete SLCAPs available on the Catamaran Training Website.

Access the SLCAP

  1. Log into Catamaran
  2. SLCAPs ready to be verified will be on your task list at the status, Submitted to ISD. Click on the SLCAP link in the Activity column.
  3. From the SLCAP Menu page, select Student Level Corrective Action Plan.

Verify Correction of Each Individual Case of Noncompliance Prong 1

  1. Review all citations issued and corrective actions required in the SLCAP.
  2. Review any district comments
  3. Verify evidence of correction.
  4. If a citation is compliant:
    1. Confirm that the district entered a date in the Tasks column next to their District Correction line.
    2. Next to the ISD Review line, insert the date of your review.
    3. Click the Save button at the top of the page.
    4. Click the Closeout Submitted button at the top of the page.
Note: Remember all areas of noncompliance must be corrected before you can submit the SLCAP for MDE verification.
  1. If a citation is noncompliant:
    1. Record any notes about noncompliance or further directions to the district in the ISD SLCAP Comment box.
    2. Click the SLCAP Returned button at the top of the page.
Note: When the district corrects the SLCAP, they will resubmit it to the ISD for verification of correction. At this point, the ISD should determine if the citation is now compliant. If so, update the ISD responses and submit. If noncompliance continues, contact the Office of Special Education.
Student Level Corrective Action Plan (SLCAP) screenshot

What If the Student Left and SLCAP Cannot Be Corrected?

  • The District should:
    • Indicate the date the student left the district in the Tasks column,
    • Write that the “Student is no longer enrolled in the district” in the District SLCAP Comments box
    • Click the Save & Resubmit
  • The ISD should:
    • Verify that the student is no longer at the district,
    • Insert the date of their review in the Tasks column,
    • Make a comment in the ISD SLCAP Comments box, if needed
    • Click the Closeout Request Submitted to MDE button

What Happens Next?

During the MDE review, the reviewers will verify that the SLCAP has been fully corrected and is ready for final review and closeout. If the MDE review determines that modifications are still required, the reviewers will click the Modifications Required button. This will return the SLCAP to the district for additional work. A member of the Monitoring and Technical Assistance Team will contact the ISD to discuss the item of noncompliance.

When the district corrects the SLCAP upon recommendation from the MDE review, they will resubmit it to the ISD for verification of correction. The ISD will continue to be involved in the review process until the MDE review considers the issues fully addressed and verifies and closes the SLCAP.